WHY AN i-Cycle® chiller

Our i-Cycle® Glycol Chillers

Combining Durability
and New Technologies.

The most cost-effective chillers
are also the most durable

Durability doesn’t happen magically. To obtain a durable appliance, it’s necessary to use components that are also durable right from the start. We use some of the best manufactured compressors, evaporators and pumps in the world.

In addition, since our equipment was developed in a region where the winters are severe, but the summers have crushing heat waves, you can count on our expertise to ensure that your chiller will work whether it is installed inside or outside of your building, in a variety of ambient temperatures.

The secret of durability is using stainless steel, not only for the outside protection, but also for the internal manufacturing, to avoid corrosion and leaks. Thus you can avoid having to pay for costly upkeep over the years!

And the base of the equipment is manufactured out of aluminum, making it lighter and anticorrosive. Also, it won’t need paint (which always ends up chipping) and is more durable than galvanized steel, which deteriorates with time.

Control your chiller
using your tablet

Time is money! In today’s world where every minute counts, our tablets have become essential tools for making the most of our time.

Equipment that can be use in real time and controlled remotely is now essential for all good managers, and our glycol i-Cycle® chillers are included in this group!

You can save valuable time since you won’t have to physically go to check the temperature settings. And in the event of an alarm, you will be notified instantly, avoiding costly production losses!

Easy to Install

You won’t need a refrigeration technician to install our chillers! All of the refrigeration has been completed, and only an electrical connection and plumbing are required. Since the appliance is complete and ready-to-use, all you have to do is choose where to put it, plug it in, and you’re all set! The installation is quick and costs very little!

Retains Excellent
Resale Value

When you purchase a high-quality chiller, you are deciding that your company is important and has a future! Having a future means experiencing growth.

The day will come where your current equipment won’t be able to meet your growing needs in refrigeration. When this time comes, you’ll be happy to have a high-quality chiller that has retained excellent resale value!


The fact that our compressors are assembled in multiple stages makes all the difference in your glycol chiller’s electrical power consumption.

Billing by electricity suppliers is based on power consumption peaks. Obviously, a small compressor has a smaller peak than a large compressor! In addition, we program a short delay so that all the motors don’t start at the same time.

And if you ever have to replace a compressor, it is possible to remove this very heavy component, whereas a large compressor cannot be replaced without special tools for lifting.

A Chiller That Will Work at
All Times and for a Long Time

Several elements make our i-Cycle ® unique! We manufacture our chillers to ensure that they start well all the time, even in cold weather.

In addition, different components are installed to improve performance, limit premature wearing, reduce the risk of leakage and prevent breakage.

i-Cycle® Chillers:
A Cost-Effective Investment

In the manufacturing of our i-Cycle® chiller, we voluntarily chose to include value-added components. These decisions increase a bit the construction cost, but the long-term beneficial impact is 4 times greater!

With those components, the useful life of your chiller is greatly improved. Not only are you extending the useful life of your appliance, but you are saving in maintenance costs, preventing breakage, and increasing your efficiency!

In the long run, your initial investment became a very profitable decision!