Multi-Stage Stainless Steel Chiller with a Touch Screen

Because stainless steel guarantees superior performance

With an aluminum base and stainless steel housing, our glycol i-Cycle chillers are rust-resistant. However, there’s more than just the outside that needs to be made out of stainless steel!

Stainless Steel Tank & Piping = No Leakage

With a built-in glycol tank made entirely out of stainless steel, combined with internal piping for the glycol, also out of stainless steel, you can prevent the risk of internal leakage that is a common occurrence with plastic tanks and PVC pipes. The tank and pipes are insulated with high-density Armaflex. In addition, the stainless steel Flat Plate Exchanger is more efficient and has a useful life 2 times longer than a tubular exchanger.

Simple Touch Screen with Easy Access

Our glycol chillers are equipped with a touch screen that allows you to customize the management parameters. Reading the temperatures, viewing the components, and displaying the alarms can all be done in real time and are even accessible directly from your tablet! You can easily manage your parameters, and your alarm history can be saved. The mainframe with an automatic control system is waterproof and has illuminated switches. We use an adjustable breaker switch, eliminating the use of fuses.

Use New Technologies for the System Diagnostics

With probes installed in strategic places, it is possible to program the chiller to adjust the glycol temperature to room temperature. The arrival of new technologies has allowed us to offer various options to our customers: from the touch screen or on their tablet, customers can check—in real time—the gas pressure, the glycol pressure, and the motor amperage.

High Quality, Durable Compressors & Pumps

Our chillers are built with Copeland compressors and Gould pumps, which are all known for their high quality and durability. Gould pumps have stainless steel impellers, making them corrosion-resistant, and we assemble them with industrial tri-clamp ferrules for quick and easy assembly. We manufacture our largest chiller models in multiple stages, offering many advantages. Thus, all our compressors of 7.5 HP and above are equipped with a vibration absorber, while 15 HP compressors are equipped with a CoreSense diagnostic panel.

The i-Cycle Chiller:
Definitely the Most Durable on the Market

A number of features make our i-Cycle unique! The oil pan heater prevents the refrigerant fluid from migrating into the compressor oil, while at the same time ensuring perfect lubrication and increasing the service life of the compressor. Combined with the heated and insulated freon receiver, the pressures are stabilized, and you can be sure that the chiller will start smoothly in cold weather. The use of an anti-vibration system on the suction and compressor discharge lines prevents any roto valve loosening and/or pipe breakage. The expansion valve considerably increases system performance compared to a non-modulating injection orifice. The liquid accumulator protects the compressor from the refrigerant fluid slog. The condenser is protected by a stainless steel safety mesh, which prevents outside debris and animals from blocking the air intake and causing overheating. The tank has a built-in glycol level indicator that makes it possible to easily see how much glycol there is.